M.A.G. Import Export

Flower export

This flower importer and exporter is located in Aalsmeer. A convenient location for exporting flowers to various parts of Europe, such as France. Aalsmeer is located in the Netherlands which is the largest flower export centre.  Flowers are sold to almost all countries in the world.

The company is part of Royal Flora Holland and plays an important role in importing and exporting flowers. About 40 percent flowers from all over the world are imported and exported through Royal Flora Holland.


Flower export

For flower export, it is especially important that the flowers stay fresh. You have to think about 24-48 hours until the flowers are at the auction. So, time is critical when exporting flowers. The goal is that the flowers stay fresh for twelve to fifteen days when they have reached the customer.

Most of the time, the flowers are sent in some kind of boxes. Also, aircraft holds are used in order to pack a large amount of flowers in one box. However, there also flowers that really need water to stay alive. Therefore, a sealed water container is used on the stem ends of the flower. One other way is to transport flowers is in a ‘Dutch flower bucket’. This is a container where the flowers are watered along their way to their destination.


Benefits of flowers

Flowering the world together, is the mission of M.A.G. Import Export. Supplying the world with fresh flowers day after day. From research is known that flowers can improve your emotional health. When you have some flowers in your house, happy emotions are triggered. For example, when you receive a bouquet of flowers, most of the time you will receive that with a true smile. Furthermore, flowers have an impact on your mood. Most people feel less depressed when they have received flowers. This could be because of the sight and smell of the flowers. Flowers also affect your social behaviour in a positive way. When flowers are present, most people have more contact with others compared to when there are no flowers present.

Not only in your personal life are flowers of great value, also in you working life you can benefit from having flowers around you. Workplaces with flowers and plants, can improve your innovative thinking and problem solving skills.

Furthermore, flowers can also have a positive impact on the wellbeing of seniors. Seniors show in general, a higher memory for every tasks and also a higher memory for personal stuff.





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