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Mindfulness Den Haag

Unfolding Mindfulness offers mindfulness sessions in Den Haag and in Wassenaar. You can choose from different programs centred around mindfulness. These programs will help you to build your own psychological flexibility and your wellbeing will increase. All programs start with a free intake session. When you are curious about mindfulness, then reach out to explore what mindfulness has to offer to you!


Mindfulness Den Haag

Two specific courses about mindfulness in Den Haag are ‘Mindful self-compassion in the Hague’ and ‘Mindfulness – MBSR in the Hague’.

Mindful self-compassion in the Hague’ is focused on the topic of developing more self-compassion. Maybe it sounds familiar to you, that criticizing and judging sound in your head. You try and motivate yourself with this voice. However, this kind of attitude will not always help you to handle difficulties. When you have more self-compassion for yourself you will develop a more assisting, kind and understanding attitude.

But what is self-compassion? Self-compassion is build on three components, namely: self-kindness, common humanity and mindfulness. Here you will work on during the sessions.

Participants who have participated in the ‘Mindful self-compassion in the Hague’ report to have more emotional resilience and they choose not to participate in the self-esteem game. For example, when thing do not go the way you anticipated, self-compassion will support you. Furthermore, participants experienced more motivation and personal growth.

‘Mindfulness MBSR in the Hague’ is a course where you will learn different mindfulness meditation techniques and awareness techniques. It is a 8-week-group training where you will learn to apply mindfulness techniques in every day life. In this way you will become more stress resilient. If you prefer to follow the course in Wassenaar, you can sign up for: ‘Mindfulness MBSR Wassenaar’.


Mindfulness Wassenaar

Next to ‘Mindfulness MBSR Wassenaar’, you can follow individual therapy in Wassenaar. Based on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy you will receive the support you need. Individual therapy can assist you to solve issues in your life. For example, work issues or relationship issues, changes in your life such as a loss of a loved one. In the sessions, you will learn how to deal with those difficulties instead of immediately fixing them. Alternatively, the goal is to accept those difficulties. In this way, the difficulties do not take all space in your life. In the end, you will have more energy for the things that are really of value in your life. The goal of individual therapy, is to provide you with psychological flexibility. You will learn how to be present, open up to others and do the things that matter to you.

When you sign up, you will discuss what your issues and goals are. Based on this intake session a personalized plan is developed.

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